[ejabberd] Change MUC room subject on server

Nick Bright nick.bright at valnet.net
Fri Feb 17 00:25:13 MSK 2017

On 2/16/2017 2:35 PM, Dominik George wrote:
>> I can't help, other than to say don't expect an answer on this list,
>> I'm
>> pretty sure it isn't monitored by anybody that can or is willing to
>> help
>> with problems.
>> Yours is the first post I've seen since I joined the list about a month
>> ago to ask a question (which was ignored).
> Thanks for your advice. Now please stop trolling :)!
> Cheers,
> Nik
My apologies, I didn't mean that as a troll in any way.

I merely was trying to let you know that this list is pretty dead, and I 
don't think anybody watches it; since there isn't any activity.

But since we're both here, my question was this:

    Could anybody point me at the correct documentation for this, for
    the current version of ejabberd?

    On 1/26/2017 4:20 PM, Nick Bright wrote:

    I'm reinstalling ejabberd with the latest version, and am having a
    bit of trouble sussing out automatic rosters. Was working great in
    2.2.13, but it's been so long, I forgot how that was set up!

    Searching online, I'm finding many references that are very old, and
    it appears much has changed in the configuration system.

    Active Directory authentication is working flawlessly, I followed
    the documentation to set up a Shared Roster Group with @all@, but it
    didn't seem to pull everybody in. This may not be the right thing to
    do. Looking back at my 2.2.13 configuration, I don't see anything in
    the configuration file about shared rosters or LDAP rosters; so it
    seems like this was done through the web interface at the time.

    What is the best way to implement an automatic roster such that all
    of my AD users are populated in to each others' roster without
    having to add everybody?

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