[ejabberd] Automatic Roster with Active Directory

Nick Bright nick.bright at valnet.net
Fri Feb 17 00:50:17 MSK 2017

On 2/16/2017 3:34 PM, Dominik George wrote:
> Hi Nick,
>> I'm reinstalling ejabberd with the latest version, and am having a bit
>> of trouble sussing out automatic rosters. Was working great in 2.2.13,
>> but it's been so long, I forgot how that was set up!
>> Searching online, I'm finding many references that are very old, and it
>> appears much has changed in the configuration system.
> look here: https://docs.ejabberd.im/admin/configuration/#modsharedrosterldap
> -nik
Thanks Nik. Working through that now.

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