[ejabberd] SQL Export, ejabberd 17.04

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Thu Jun 8 20:28:40 MSK 2017

Hi Badlop,

Thank you for the swift response.

On 08/06/17 18:15, Badlop wrote:

> Hi,
> That error message indicates you have mod_announce configured to use
> mnesia, but asked to get it exported to SQL. Configure mod_announce to
> use SQL in the ejabberd configuration file, restart, and then request
> the old database export.
Yes, that’s exactly how I have it configured - everything has thus far
been using mnesia. I want to export that data and import it into
PostgreSQL - for all modules that support this. Is the correct method,
then, to change |default_db| to |sql|, configure the database
connection, restart ejabberd and issue the same command? I expected that
would attempt to export *from* PostgreSQL, but there’s no data there
yet. Or should I use the |dump| command, switch the configuration to
PostgreSQL and then use the |load| command?

Many thanks,



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