[ejabberd] send_last_published_item not working on 17.04

Florian Sailer fs at sailer-interactive.com
Tue Jun 27 19:10:42 MSK 2017


i would like to upgrade my ejabberd installation from 16.06 to 17.04. I 
ran into the problem that clients are no longer receiving the last 
published item when subscribing to a PubSub node. The nodes are 
correctly configured with "send_last_published_item" set to "on_sub" (i 
also tried "on_sub_and_presence" but makes no difference). I checked the 
database and can see that this configuration is properly saved as well. 
Node type is "flat"

On 16.06 this setup worked fine and clients always received the last 
published item. I found this commit on Github which could be related but 
im not 100% sure and i don't really understand to which extend that 
might influence the behaviour.


Does anyone have an idea what i could try to restore 
send_last_published_item on 17.04?



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