[ejabberd] Ejabberd cryptography

NewCalipso Delavara newcalipso at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 12:49:06 MSK 2017

excuse me for low knowledges in cryptography, and more I've only startes to
learn to code on erlang.
I cant understand about encrypting in ejabberd. In my ejabberd.yml I have
this (service works ok):
  port: 5222
  module: ejabberd.c2s
  certfile: "path" ## I'll omit in the post. There's no problem here
  starttls_required: true ## My question HERE!

If i have in config "starttls_required: true", all traffic client2server
will be encrypted through ejabberd server? Or this is only for startin

We use OffTheRecord encrypting too on jabber clients. But it often causes
problems in sending message to group when clients receive mojibake.

Is it enough starttls option to encrypt all traffic?
P.S. ssl3 I switched off, as recomended on process-one site

My best regards,
pharmacy's system administrator
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