[ejabberd] how to run xmpp compliant code in ejabberd 15.06

Abhishek Ranjan abhishek at blacklightsw.com
Mon May 1 13:02:29 MSK 2017


I wrote the following code for catching only message stanzas. 

myMessage({Packet, C2SState})->


  case PacketType of
    <<"message">> ->

      ?INFO_MSG("Hello there",[]);

    _Any -> ok



It works fine in ejabberd 17.03 but I found that doesn't goes well with ejabberd 15.06 since xmpp compliant code became more defined from ejabberd 17.03.

The custom module in ejabberd 17.03 which contains the above code also includes xmpp.hrl and since there is no such file in ejabberd 15.06 so I was wondering if there any way that this code snippet might work with ejabberd 15.06 also.

Can anyone share their thoughts over it?


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