[ejabberd] asn1ct undef error while installing ejabberd

Evgeny Khramtsov xramtsov at gmail.com
Thu May 11 21:54:38 MSK 2017

Thu, 11 May 2017 20:52:34 +0530
Ashwin Baboji <ash.baboji at gmail.com> wrote:

> We are running on ejabberd-13.12 and Erlang R16B03

> ERROR: compile failed while processing /home/abhay/ggs/ejabberd:
> {'EXIT',{undef,[{asn1ct,compile,

This is indeed the problem with erlang installation, but I don't think
I can help you a lot because:

1) I'm not aware of RH based distros
2) ejabberd is too old and I don't even remember how ASN.1
compilation was done there, e.g. there might be versions mismatch
between ejabberd and Erlang

I would really recommend installing ejabberd 17.04 and Erlang 19.x

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