[ejabberd] Compliance Tester and XEP-0368

Evgeny Khramtsov xramtsov at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 19:25:06 MSK 2017

Sun, 5 Nov 2017 15:04:50 +0100
Nk <nk at os.vu> wrote:

> running XEP-0357: Push Notifications… FAILED
> running XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS… FAILED
> running XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption… FAILED
> running XEP-0313: Message Archive Management (MUC)… FAILED
> passed 11/15

Both XEP-0357 and XEP-0368 support was added in 17.09 (IIRC). Although,
strictly speaking you don't need XEP-0368 support for incoming
c2s connections if you're using SSLH.

> I don’t understand why 0313 would fail. This is my config:

Probably because ejabberd doesn't support the latest XEP version?

> Also, I have a broad question about 0368. Theoretically its use is to
> specify an SRV record for xmpps connections [either on port 5223 or
> 443] if I understand correctly. But what is ejabberd’s role in this?
> What actually changes in v17.09?

See above. XEP-0368 is only supported for outgoing s2s connections
(i.e. ejabberd is able to resolve "_xmpps-server" SRV records).

> I basically need a client to work with port 443 for all services,
> this is a must have if we want to work at a user-friendliness level
> like that of Signal [right, @weiss? ;]

Just configure SSLH properly (SNI/ALPN/etc).

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