[ejabberd] ejabberd 17Displayed names

Nicolas Pillot nicolas.pillot at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 10:49:12 MSK 2017


I'm using ejabberd community 17.11 downloaded rpm, on a fresh centos 7
server. I basically run it with its default configuration (except ssl
and language) and created a shared roster named "Everyone" using
@all@). There is no s2s and a single host. All my testing was done
using pidgin 2.10.12. Everything works fine, i see all users in the
roster, everyone can talk to everyone, offline messages and file
transfer work, all is good.

My only problem is that when chatting, the displayed user name is much
too long to be acceptable, because it has the following format :

username at hostname/here_is_a_very_very_long_number

And it is a regression from the previous setup (using ejabberd 2, same
pidgin version) where the client automatically displays
"username at hostname", though i do not know where the configuration
difference is. Basically, i want to be able to even trim it further,
to automatically display :


How can i do that ? Thanks in advance for any help ! PS: looking at
the mailing lists archive (up to 2014 including) i could only find
this thread regarding names, but the situation was not the same :


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