[ejabberd] External Auth and Contact List

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Wed Oct 18 18:40:11 MSK 2017

On 10/18/17 11:30, Webert de Souza Lima wrote:
> Hello Phil, I really made a mess trying to explain everything, sorry.
> I'll try agian:
> I have a global MySQL Server that stores domains and users. By "global"
> I mean that we have many independent clusters and different software,
> all of them read users from that MySQL Server database.
> There is only 1 software allowed to write in this MySQL Server. (as the
> other software only read from it, we use Master/Slave replication and
> read from the Slaves in  each cluster).
> I want ejabberd to be able to do that as well:
>  * Authenticate users to the existing database without writing to it
> [achievable by external auth method]
>  * After a user user at domain logs in, hist Contact List is filled with
> all users from the same domain.
> I want ejabberd to read-only that global mysql server for
> Authentitcation and Contacts List.
> ejabberd related data must be written to another Mysql server (hosted in
> the same cluster or even the same host).

So you want ejabberd to READ user lists from one MySQL server, but write
all of its data to another, different MySQL server.

I'm relatively new to ejabberd myself, and have not yet tried clustering
it (although I do want to learn how, for redundancy), but I'm pretty
certain there isn't a way to do that.  I don't see any way to configure
ejabberd to use different MySQL servers for different purposes.

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