[ejabberd] how to reverse proxy mod_http_upload with nginx?

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 27 15:38:47 MSK 2017

* pitchum <pitchum at gramaton.org> [2017-10-27 14:32]:
> I was expecting an option like 'external_url' for prosody [2] and then
> configuring mod_http_upload like the following:
>   mod_http_upload:
>     put_url: "http://jabber.example.net:5280/upload"
>     get_url: "https://jabber.example.net/data"
>     external_url: "https://jabber.example.net/upload"
> 'put_url' would be served by ejabberd while 'external_url' would be
> served by nginx and sent to the client as the upload slot to use.

The 'put_url' is what you think of as the 'external_url': It's sent to
the client as the upload slot to use and can be served by Nginx.  I.e.,
you can just specify something like this:

  put_url: "https://jabber.example.net/upload"

There's usually no point in specifying a different 'get_url', by the
way.  I would just remove that option.


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