[ejabberd] remote-server-not-found, but DNS entry is there

Marvin Gülker m-guelker at phoenixmail.de
Fri Feb 2 18:16:54 MSK 2018

Am 02. Februar 2018 um 17:57 Uhr +0300 schrieb Evgeniy Khramtsov:
> You are using 2 years old version. In newer version (18.01 for example)
> error reporting is improved drastically. It will report about DNS timeouts
> for sure (I wrote that code)

Thanks for the info, and glad that is has improved! I'm looking forward
to it.

I'm using the version provided in Debian Stable's repositories, because
I'm not able to go after changes all the time; it just has to work. I
can't keep up with reading the release announcements, deploying the new
software, and adapting my config due to RL work that has nothing to do
with IM. I've been running the most recent version from source for a
while, but it became too much effort for me. I lacked seriously behind
the new releases after a while, which is suboptimal from a security
point of view. With the stable version, I can just let Debian's auto
updates handle server software updates for me, which I can't forget to

2 years isn't too much from a stable distro user's viewpoint,
though. But be affirmed, I won't go through Debian Stable's entire
lifetime and have my users wait for new features years and years. Once a
Debian release becomes stable, I usually upgrade within half a year or


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