[ejabberd] mod_rest error on presence update

David Cunningham dcunningham at voisonics.com
Thu Feb 15 02:38:40 MSK 2018


We used to successfully (on version 16 I think) send the following XML to
mod_rest to set a user's presence status:

<presence to="user_a at example.com"
from="user_b at example.com"><show>dnd</show><status>On
the phone</status></presence>

However now with ejabberd versions 17 and 18 we get this error back:

2018-02-14 15:33:47.158 [debug] <0.492.0>@mod_rest:maybe_post_request:83
Error when processing REST request:
Data: <<"<presence to=\"user_a at example.com\"
from=\"user_b at example.com\"><show>dnd</show><status>On
the phone</status></presence>">>
Error: {badrecord,message}

Does anyone know why this error occurs? Thank you in advance.

David Cunningham, Voisonics Limited
USA: +1 213 221 1092
New Zealand: +64 (0)28 2558 3782
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