[ejabberd] mod_irc example / experience

Dominik Springer dcs-web-ejabberd.im at s-up.org
Mon Jun 25 01:12:07 MSK 2018

Hi All,

Is someone possibly using successfully mod_irc and would be so kind to 
share his configuration respectively experience how to connect to an IRC 

I've found following readme, but something I do obviously wrong :-(

What I've tried:
1) Added mod_irc: {} in my ejabberd.yml
2) Started a chat with xmpp%irc.uni-erlangen.de
(assuming the channel is called #xmpp on the server is irc.uni-erlangen.de)

I'm running ejabberd 18.4.0 and tried with Conversations 2.2.3 and 
Pidgin 2.10.12 as client.

BR, Dominik

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