[ejabberd] Beam consumes > 400% CPU - why?

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 5 16:52:53 MSK 2018

* Michael Vogel <icarus at dabo.de> [2018-03-05 12:52]:
> Out of sudden, one of the "beam" processes uses all CPU time it can get. This also happens when not a single user is connected.
> It happens after some time when I restarted the server. The only thing I did was restarting the server when I had to change the certificate (since it was outdated).
> The regular log files don't show anything.
> How can I check the reason?

You could post the output of "etop -sort reductions" (press Ctrl+C twice
to get out of etop).  Depending on how you installed Erlang/OTP, etop
might not be in your PATH, or not even installed (e.g., on Debian,
you'll need the package "erlang-observer", which installs etop into


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