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jacob jabber ejabberd.jacob at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 15:46:46 MSK 2018

HI,Is removed backlog option in ejabberd 18.01?
before(17.01) configure in ejabberd_c2s, but in ejabberd 18.01 I can't
configure it:
    port: 5222
    module: ejabberd_c2s
    certfile: "/opt/ejabberd-17.01/conf/server.pem"
    starttls: true
    zlib: true
    backlog: 1000

ejabberd 18.01 error:
ejabberd_listener:validate_module_option:615 unknown listen option
'backlog' for 'ejabberd_c2s' will be likely ignored, available options are:
access, shaper, certfile, ciphers, dhfile, cafile, protocol_options, tls,
tls_compression, starttls, starttls_required, tls_verify, zlib,

thanks alot


*Best Regards*
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