[ejabberd] User login with DNS are not working.

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 19:33:09 MSK 2019

If you configure ejabberd like this:
 - "dev.company.local"

And DNS is correctly set, so the address is correctly resolved, for example:
$ telnet dev.company.local 5222
Connected to dev.company.local.
Escape character is '^]'.

Then you should be able to login to the server, and the ejabberd log file
provides details.
In this example the account doesn't exist yet:
17:26:32.370 [warning] (tcp|<0.474.0>)
 Failed c2s DIGEST-MD5 authentication for user1 at dev.company.local
 from ::ffff: Invalid username or password

When the account exists:
17:31:11.216 [info] (<0.495.0>) Accepted connection ::ffff:
-> ::ffff:
17:31:11.322 [info] (tcp|<0.495.0>) Accepted c2s DIGEST-MD5 authentication
 for user1 at dev.company.local
 by mnesia backend from ::ffff:
17:31:11.388 [info] (tcp|<0.495.0>) Opened c2s session
 for user1 at dev.company.local/tka1

What exactly do you see in the ejabberd log when you attempt to login?


On Thu, 28 Mar 2019 at 17:09, Jose Figueroa <josen.figueroa at unixmexico.org>

> Hello team,
> I added a dns to my ejabberd installation. It is a local dns such as
> dev.company.local
> <https://link.getmailspring.com/link/09B7695C-216A-4E0E-AA12-9D450B0D0E2A@getmailspring.com/0?redirect=dev.company.local&recipient=ZWphYmJlcmRAamFiYmVyLnJ1>
> and it resolves to local LAN IP. The registration was successfully for the
> new user and everything is so far so good.
> But when I try to login using the DNS is not working. Only when I try to
> login using the IP which that DNS resolves, example if the DNS resolves to
> <https://link.getmailspring.com/link/09B7695C-216A-4E0E-AA12-9D450B0D0E2A@getmailspring.com/1?redirect=>
> I can login with that IP instead of the DNS.
> 2019-03-27 16:15:51.826 [info]
> <0.611.0>@ejabberd_c2s:process_terminated:271 (tls|<0.611.0>) Closing c2s
> session for jose at
> <https://link.getmailspring.com/link/09B7695C-216A-4E0E-AA12-9D450B0D0E2A@getmailspring.com/2?redirect=mailto%3Ajose%40192.168.1.142&recipient=ZWphYmJlcmRAamFiYmVyLnJ1>/86204831315367011201922:
> Stream reset by peer
> What can It be the error?
> Jose Figueroa
> Nerd ppl to the rescue.
> josen.figueroa at unixmexico.org
> <https://link.getmailspring.com/link/09B7695C-216A-4E0E-AA12-9D450B0D0E2A@getmailspring.com/3?redirect=mailto%3Ajosen.figueroa%40unixmexico.org&recipient=ZWphYmJlcmRAamFiYmVyLnJ1>
> [image: Twitter]
> <https://link.getmailspring.com/link/09B7695C-216A-4E0E-AA12-9D450B0D0E2A@getmailspring.com/4?redirect=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FIamJoseFigueroa&recipient=ZWphYmJlcmRAamFiYmVyLnJ1>
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