[ejabberd] Performances issues with ejabberd+LDAP+PostgreSQL

pitchum pitchum at gramaton.org
Fri May 10 12:58:21 MSK 2019

Hello there,

my ejabberd 18.12 from Debian stretch-backports server has performances
issues since yesterday, when the amount of connected users went from 10
to 250+
We will migrate the VM from 2 VCPUs to 4 VCPUs at lunch time but I'm not
sure that it will solve the issues with PostgreSQL and LDAP.
Attached here is an extract of error messages found in ejabberd.log
showing SQL timeouts.

I have a lot of questions but I'll start with this simple one: would you
recommend using PostgreSQL as default_db on a production server or would
you use mnesia as default_db and sql only for some modules (like MAM)?

After some debugging I found strange behaviors. For example,
mod_shared_roster seems to execute a lot of SQL queries on empty tables
sr_user and sr_group. I guess it should not even try to connect to
postgresql since I have configured mod_shared_roster_ldap.

Also attached the relevants parts of my ejabberd.yml if needed.

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