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Jai Rangi jprangi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 00:10:00 MSK 2019

Wondering if someone can guide in the right direction. I believe this is
common issue and could not find any concrete solution.

Working on a mobile chat application using xmpp-framwork. Having a little
issue with group, using mod_muc for that.
Issues I am running into is?
- Have to send presence before we send the message.
- History size is default 20 messages. If the user is offline and if there
are more than 20 messages, user miss the messages older than 20.
- Every time user send presence, server send last 20 messages, even if the
user already has received those messages.

Messages dont get stored in MySql Table, here are my settings.
    db_type: sql

    ## host: "conference. at HOST@"
      - allow
      - allow: admin
    access_create: muc_create
    access_persistent: muc_create
    max_user_conferences: 500
    max_rooms_discoitems: 500
    db_type: sql
    default_room_options: {allow_subscription: true, mam: true,
members_only: true, persistent: false}
Some how the behavior is not the one we intend for. This is my goal, really
- Have  a group with multiple admins who can add and remove members.
- Users dont miss any messages in the busy groups even if they are offline
for a day or two.
- Only new messages get delivered to the client.
- User should be able to send message without sending presence.

I will appreciate if someone can tell me if muc is the right module for
this? If there any other module I should use (opensource or paid). Should I
consider modifying mod_muc module or build another custom module to handle
my queries.

Thank you,
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