[ejabberd] Only seeing this message since updating to 19.09

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 14:57:41 MSK 2019


First of all, I installed ejabberd 19.09 with that configuration and
tried with Tkabber client. I don't see that behaviour, nobody else
mentioned it previously, and you don't provide more details to help
reproduce it. So I'll assume the problem is somewhere else.

> since updating to 19.09

Updating from which old version?

> I only see this message when a participant is leaving *anyway*

Well, that *anyway* is relevant in a way that maybe you didn't consider :)

Did you try with several clients, like Psi, Gajim, or Tkabber? What
client are you using?

Did you try with several accounts? Existing and newly created. Being
admin and being just participants, not owners or admins...

> Is it ejabberd itself or a muc configuration issue?

Have you considered the possibility that the error message is relevant
to the problem? In other words, does your client send an error message
service-unavailable when leaving the room?

This is my hypothesis: you are using a client that sends error message
service-unavailable, your old ejabberd server didn't bother about
those error messages and they got unnoticed, but the new version is
concerned about that misbehaviour and complains about it.


On Fri, 18 Oct 2019 at 19:51, Phil Stracchino <phils at caerllewys.net> wrote:
> (2019-10-18 13:31:30) valkyrie left the room (It is not allowed to send
> error messages to the room. The participant (valkyrie) has sent an error
> message (service-unavailable) and got kicked from the room).
> I only see this message when a participant is leaving *anyway*, in place
> of a normal quit notice, and only sometimes at that.  It doesn't seem to
> be harmful, just noisy.  Can anyone tell me whether I can do anything
> about it?  Is it ejabberd itself or a muc configuration issue?
> This is my mod_muc configuration section:
>   mod_muc:
>     host: chat.caerllewys.net
>     access:
>       - allow
>     access_admin:
>       - allow: admin
>     access_create: muc_create
>     access_persistent: muc_create
>     access_mam:
>       - allow
>     default_room_options:
>       mam: true
> Am I missing something here?  Have I made an error?
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