[ejabberd] transaction retry error - internal error pubsub_item.DAT

Julian Vanden Broeck julian.vandenbroeck at dalibo.com
Thu Jan 23 18:41:58 MSK 2020

Hello Ejabberd list,

Sorry if i am posting on the wrong list. Since a few month i can see
that kind of erros in my log file :

2020-01-23 16:15:08.623 [error]
<0.24672.13>@mod_pubsub:transaction_retry:3686 transaction return
internal error:
{'EXIT',{case_clause,{error,{{bad_object,slot_objects},"/opt/ejabberd-17.01/database/ejabberd at localhost/pubsub_item.DAT"}}}}

So i guess there is something wrong with my pubsub_item.DAT file
(database)... But i have no idea about how to fix this problem and what
to do to get more information about what's wrong.

I have googled about this error but I can't find any clue, please could
you give me a few advice about what to search and how to get more
information about my problem ?

FYI we are using a old version of ejabberd (17.01), we want to upgrade
it... But before that, we would like to fix this problem.

Best regards,
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