[ejabberd] Modules in Docker

Manda Yugana manda.yugana at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 14:00:34 MSK 2020


Currently, I'm working with Ejabberd and Docker for local development. I
use latest ejabberd/ecs image from Docker Hub.

I develop some Ejabberd modules and the module directory (host) is mounted
to ~/.ejabberd-modules/sources (container). It is already working, except
when installing modules. Ejabberd is unable to write to ~/.ejabberd-modules
directory as it is owned by me. I changed its ownership to
ejabberd:ejabberd, modules can be installed successfully, but, I'm unable
to develop modules as the directory is no longer owned by me.

How to make Ejabberd module development easy with Docker? And, how would it
be in production?

Thank you
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