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 3. xmpp:archimed at jabber.ru
 4. http://ru.tkabber.jabe.ru/index.php/Tkabber_starpack
 5. http://ru.tkabber.jabe.ru/images/ru.tkabber.jabe.ru/a/ad/Tkabber_win32_starpack_template.rar
-This file describes a sample startup script
-for Tkabber starkits/starpacks.
-I. Purpose.
-The "main.tcl" file is the "main startup script" for starkits; it is
-a Tcl script which task is to "bootstrap" the application wrapped in starkit.
-Although this script is a sample, it's ready, without any modifications,
-to be used for creation of a working starkit.
-Note that throughout this text the "starkit" term is used to refer to
-both Tkabber's starkits and starpacks since there is no difference between them
-in this context.
-II. Prerequisites.
-This scripts expects the starkit's VFS directory to be organised
-in this way:
-VFS_root_dir/ -- starkit's VFS root directory;
-  lib/        -- Tcl/Tk extensions (like BWidget);
-  tkabber/    -- Tkabber's code (tkabber.tcl must be placed here);
-  ...
-  main.tcl    -- the starkit startup script.
-III. How it works.
-Besides the usual starkit initialization which is described in [1], this
-script performs two major tasks:
-* Defines the "starkit_init" Tcl procedure;
-* Sources the main Tkabber script -- "tkabber.tcl".
-Tkabber checks if the Tcl command named "starkit_init" is present in the
-global namespace and executes it (without passing any arguments to it) if it
-exists. At the time of calling "starkit_init" several global Tkabber
-variables are guaranteed to exist:
-* "rootdir", which is set to the full pathname of the directory
-  containing the "tkabber.tcl" script;
-* "configdir", which holds the full pathname of the Tkabber's
-  user configuration directory;
-* "toolkit_version", which holds the Tcl interpreter version.
-Also the hooks subsystem is guaranteed to be initialized so that the
-"starkit_init" procedure could make use of Tkabber hooks.
-The purpose of the "starkit_init" procedure is to make some preparations
-before the bulk of the Tkabber code is loaded but after Tkabber managed
-to initialize some subsystems/variables which might be crucial for the
-proper initialization of the starkit. The "starkit_init" procedure in
-the "main.tcl" script discussed here performs the following steps:
-* Appends the " (starkit)" string to the "toolkit_version" variable.
-  This is done since the toolkit version is reported in response to the
-  XMPP iq:version request, so it helps Tkabber supporters to better
-  know a configuration a particular user runs.
-* "Forgets" about a Tcl package named "zlib" which is internal to
-  any tclkit and confuses Tkabber forcing it to think that the XMPP
-  stream compression can be used (which, in fact, requires another package --
-  "ztcl" -- which, in turn, provides another Tcl package named "zlib").
-* Looks into two special directories and sources all the files whose
-  names match the "*.kit" pattern. These directories are:
-  * The directory where the running starkit is located;
-  * The Tkabber's user configuration directory (held in the global
-    variable named "configdir").
-  This allows to bring some Tcl/Tk packages wrapped in starkits in.
-  Two popular starkits known to work with Tkabber's starkit are
-  img.kit (containing the Img package) [2] and the snack.kit (containing
-  the Snack sound kit package) [2].
-  If one or more of the kit files fail to load, a warning message with
-  collected error messages is shown to the user and the loading
-  process continues after the user dismisses this dialog.
-* Restores the "::starkit::topdir" variable which could be mangled by
-  external starkits.
-* Sources the main Tkabber's script "tkabber.tcl".
-So, the outline of Tkabber bootstrapping process looks like this:
-* "main.tcl" is sourced by the tclkit reading the Tkabber's starkit.
-* "main.tcl" creates the global "starkit_init" procedure and sources the
-  main Tkabber script, transferring control to Tkabber's code.
-* Tkabber performs some initialization steps, then finds the "starkit_init"
-  command and executes it, effectively "calling the starkit code out".
-* "starkit_init" does its initialization steps, possibly bringing some
-  external Tcl/Tk packages in, then gives control back to Tkabber.
-* Tkabber then continues with its loading as usually.
-IV. Differences between 0.10.0 and pre-0.10.0 starkits:
-Versions of Tkabber earlier that 0.10.0 had more limited support for
-starkits. Since 0.10.0 Tkabber has received some changes that allow to
-create fully-functional and customizable starkits without patching the
-Tkabber's code (as must have been done earlier).
-In short, the differences include:
-* The "rootdir" global variable is now initialized based on the actual
-  full pathname of the "tkabber.tcl" script, so that Tkabber's code
-  can now be located in an arbitrary directory in the starkit VFS.
-  Note though that the sample "main.tcl" does make its assumption about
-  where Tkabber's code is located.
-* Tkabber now "calls out" the starkit code in the course of its
-  initialization process which differs from the old way the things
-  worked when transferring the control to Tkabber's code was the
-  last thing the starkit's initialization code did.
-* The official Tkabber starkits/starpacks made a Tcl package from the
-  Tkabber's source tree. There were not much point to do so, that's why
-  the discussed "main.tcl" just sources the main Tkabber script now.
-V. Additional stuff.
-Ruslan Rakhmanin [3] has created a sample "Windows Tkabber starpack
-tool" which contains all necessary files to build a Tkabber starpack for
-Windows in the Windows environment (Windows 2000 and later is required).
-To build starpack using this tool you only need (recent) Tkabber sources.
-Also this starpack tool uses a modified tclkit which contains a full set
-of cp* Windows charsets (which original tclkits lack) thus providing
-the full support for non-Latin-1 alphabets.
-There's an article (written in Russian) on the official Tkabber wiki 
-describing this tool [4].
-A direct link to the RAR-archive containing this tool is [5].
-VI. Reference materials:
-1. http://wiki.tcl.tk/8186
-2. http://mini.net/sdarchive/
-3. xmpp:archimed at jabber.ru
-4. http://ru.tkabber.jabe.ru/index.php/Tkabber_starpack
-5. http://ru.tkabber.jabe.ru/images/ru.tkabber.jabe.ru/a/ad/Tkabber_win32_starpack_template.rar

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