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Wed Nov 14 22:47:07 MSK 2007

Author: sergei
Date: 2007-11-14 22:47:07 +0300 (Wed, 14 Nov 2007)
New Revision: 1314

	* ctcomp/README: A small fix (thanks to Konstantin Khomoutov).

Modified: trunk/tkabber-plugins/ChangeLog
--- trunk/tkabber-plugins/ChangeLog	2007-11-14 18:43:51 UTC (rev 1313)
+++ trunk/tkabber-plugins/ChangeLog	2007-11-14 19:47:07 UTC (rev 1314)
@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@
 	* attline/README, attline/INSTALL: Added info about plugin and
 	  installation instructions (thanks to Konstantin Khomoutov).
+	* ctcomp/README: A small fix (thanks to Konstantin Khomoutov).
 2007-11-13  Sergei Golovan <sgolovan at nes.ru>
 	* checkers/checkers.tcl, chess/chess.tcl, renju/renju.tcl,

Modified: trunk/tkabber-plugins/ctcomp/README
--- trunk/tkabber-plugins/ctcomp/README	2007-11-14 18:43:51 UTC (rev 1313)
+++ trunk/tkabber-plugins/ctcomp/README	2007-11-14 19:47:07 UTC (rev 1314)
@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@
 No "automatic" completion ("propose completions as I type" found
 in certain text editing tools like Writer from the OpenOffice.org
-suite or some mobile phones) is not possible.
+suite or some mobile phones) is possible.
 The same holds for the "in place" completion mode: typing a
 regular keystroke terminates the completion mode, not narrows
@@ -316,14 +316,7 @@
 Not all completions will be shown in the completion menu if its
 number exceeds the hard-coded limit.
-Detecting of a word to be completed in the input window is
-somewhat strange, for example, if you have this string ("|"
-denotes the cursor position):
-so what ??|
-and try to complete, the string "what ??" will be used as the
-completion prefix.
 V. Working around Tk Windows keyboard bug
 Tk has unfortunate long-standing bug which prevents certain

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