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Fri Oct 26 22:21:29 MSD 2007

Author: sergei
Date: 2007-10-26 22:21:28 +0400 (Fri, 26 Oct 2007)
New Revision: 1283

	* msgs/de.msg: Updated German translation (thanks to Roger Sondermann).

Modified: trunk/tkabber/ChangeLog
--- trunk/tkabber/ChangeLog	2007-10-26 17:40:59 UTC (rev 1282)
+++ trunk/tkabber/ChangeLog	2007-10-26 18:21:28 UTC (rev 1283)
@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@
 	* ifaceck/ilogin.tcl, ifacetk/systray.tcl, msgs/ru.msg, pep.tcl:
 	  Updated Russian translation.
+	* msgs/de.msg: Updated German translation (thanks to Roger Sondermann).
 2007-10-24  Sergei Golovan  <sgolovan at nes.ru>
 	* jabberlib/https.tcl, jabberlib/socks3.tcl, jabberlib/socks5.tcl,

Modified: trunk/tkabber/msgs/de.msg
--- trunk/tkabber/msgs/de.msg	2007-10-26 17:40:59 UTC (rev 1282)
+++ trunk/tkabber/msgs/de.msg	2007-10-26 18:21:28 UTC (rev 1283)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 # German messages file
-# Roger Sondermann 21.10.2007
+# Roger Sondermann 26.10.2007
 # .../chats.tcl
 ::msgcat::mcset de "%s has changed nick to %s."                             "%s hat seinen Nicknamen geändert in %s"
@@ -245,10 +245,10 @@
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Encryption (legacy SSL)"                                "Verschlüsselung (Legacy SSL)"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Failed to connect: %s"                                  "Verbindung misslungen: %s"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Host unreachable"                                       "Host nicht erreichbar"
-::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy address."                                    "HTTP-Proxy Adresse."
-::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy password."                                   "HTTP-Proxy Kennwort."
-::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy port."                                       "HTTP-Proxy Port."
-::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy username."                                   "HTTP-Proxy Benutzer-Name."
+::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy address."                                    "HTTP-Proxy-Adresse."
+::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy password."                                   "HTTP-Proxy-Kennwort."
+::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy port."                                       "HTTP-Proxy-Port."
+::msgcat::mcset de "HTTP proxy username."                                   "HTTP-Proxy-Benutzer-Name."
 ::msgcat::mcset de "HTTPS"                                                  "HTTPS"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Incorrect SOCKS version"                                "Inkorrekte SOCKS-Version"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Keep trying"                                            "Weiterhin versuchen"
@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Priority."                                              "Priorität."
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Priority:"                                              "Priorität:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy authentication required"                          "Proxy-Authentifizierung erforderlich"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy type to connect."                                 "Proxy Typ der Verbindung."
+::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy type to connect."                                 "Proxy-Typ der Verbindung."
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Registration failed: %s"                                "Registrierung misslungen: %s"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Repeat new password:"                                   "Neues Kennwort wiederholen:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Replace opened connections."                            "Offene Verbindungen ersetzen."
@@ -417,7 +417,6 @@
 ::msgcat::mcset de "whois %s: no info"                                      "Whois %s: keine Informationen"
 # .../pep.tcl
-::msgcat::mcset de "Personal Eventing"                                      "Persönliche Ereignisse"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Personal eventing"                                      "Persönliche Ereignisse"
 # .../pixmaps.tcl
@@ -674,14 +673,10 @@
 # .../ifaceck/ilogin.tcl
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Connect via alternate server"                           "Mittels alternativem Server verbinden"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy Login:"                                           "Proxy-Login:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy Password:"                                        "Proxy-Kennwort:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy Port:"                                            "Proxy-Port:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy Server:"                                          "Proxy-Server:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "SASL"                                                   "SASL"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "SASL Certificate:"                                      "SASL-Zertifikat:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "SASL Port:"                                             "SASL-Port:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "SSL Certificate:"                                       "SSL-Zertifikat:"
+::msgcat::mcset de "SSL certificate:"                                       "SSL-Zertifikat:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "SSL Port:"                                              "SSL-Port:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Server Port:"                                           "Server-Port:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Use SSL"                                                "SSL benutzen"
@@ -832,16 +827,15 @@
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Profile"                                                "Profil"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Profiles"                                               "Profile"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy"                                                  "HTTP-Proxy"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy password:"                                        "Proxy Kennwort:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy port:"                                            "Proxy Port:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy server:"                                          "Proxy Server:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy type:"                                            "Proxy Typ:"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy username:"                                        "Proxy Benutzer-Name:"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy password:"                                        "Proxy-Kennwort:"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy port:"                                            "Proxy-Port:"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy server:"                                          "Proxy-Server:"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy type:"                                            "Proxy-Typ:"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Proxy username:"                                        "Proxy-Benutzer-Name:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Replace opened connections"                             "Offene Verbindungen ersetzen"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Resource:"                                              "Ressource:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "SSL"                                                    "SSL"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "SSL & Compression"                                      "SSL & Komprimierung"
-::msgcat::mcset de "SSL certificate:"                                       "SSL-Zertifikat:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "URL to poll:"                                           "URL für die Verbindung:"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Use Proxy"                                              "Über HTTP-Proxy verbinden"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Use SASL authentication"                                "SASL-Authentifizierung benutzen"
@@ -884,8 +878,8 @@
 # .../ifacetk/systray.tcl
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Display status tooltip when main window is minimized to systray." "Status-Tooltip anzeigen, wenn das Haupt-Fenster in den SysTray minimiert ist."
-::msgcat::mcset de "Hide Main Window"                                       "Haupt-Fenster verbergen"
-::msgcat::mcset de "Show Main Window"                                       "Haupt-Fenster anzeigen"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Hide main window"                                       "Haupt-Fenster verbergen"
+::msgcat::mcset de "Show main window"                                       "Haupt-Fenster anzeigen"
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Systray icon blinks when there are unread messages."    "SysTray-Icon blinkt bei ungelesenen Nachrichten."
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Systray icon options."                                  "Optionen für das SysTray-Icon."
 ::msgcat::mcset de "Tkabber Systray"                                        "Tkabber SysTray"

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