[Tkabber-dev] r1370 - branches/xml-import-export-serialized/plugins/roster

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Sun Feb 3 04:33:42 MSK 2008

Author: kostix
Date: 2008-02-03 04:33:42 +0300 (Sun, 03 Feb 2008)
New Revision: 1370

plugins/roster/TODO: Tasks updated.

Modified: branches/xml-import-export-serialized/plugins/roster/TODO
--- branches/xml-import-export-serialized/plugins/roster/TODO	2008-02-03 01:30:36 UTC (rev 1369)
+++ branches/xml-import-export-serialized/plugins/roster/TODO	2008-02-03 01:33:42 UTC (rev 1370)
@@ -1,12 +1,17 @@
-* Reimplement restore logic so that roster contacts are always
-  sent first.
-* Probably rething the logic once more: in theory, it could be
+* Probably rethink the logic once more: in theory, it could be
   possible to populate roster with restored contacts w/o
   sending them to the server (which could be done independently,
   at any time). In this case we don't have to synchronize
   with restoring annotations.
+  It could go like this:
+  * We add some data to the roster array;
+  * Schedule the iq set query with roster contacts;
+  * Allow other plugins to fire the handlers they've installed
+    in the deserialize_roster_hook -- they will see "correct"
+	roster even if the corresponding roster push wasn't yet
+	performed.
 * Gateways and "gated" contacts doesn't appear to have correct
   category/subtype -- investigate whether it's possible to
   use that heuristic mechs to get them on the fly as they're

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