[Tkabber-dev] r112 - trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs

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Wed Jun 18 21:32:47 MSD 2008

Author: kostix
Date: 2008-06-18 21:32:47 +0400 (Wed, 18 Jun 2008)
New Revision: 112

pluginmanager/msgs/en.msg, pluginmanager/msgs/ru.msg: Provided
 descriptions for "quiz" and "osd" plugins.

Modified: trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs/en.msg
--- trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs/en.msg	2008-06-18 17:26:49 UTC (rev 111)
+++ trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs/en.msg	2008-06-18 17:32:47 UTC (rev 112)
@@ -26,14 +26,16 @@
  Works in Windows and *nix. Depends on latex, dvips, imagemagick packets."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "mute" "Experimental multi user text editor."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "openurl" "Opens links in external web browser."
-::msgcat::mcset en "osd" ""
+::msgcat::mcset en "osd" "Provides for displaying of various events\
+ using X OSD facility. X Window-based systems only."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "presencecmd" "This plugin provides additional set of what are called\
 \"IRC-style chat commands\" in Tkabber -- specially formatted\
 messages which are recognized as commands to Tkabber. They are\
 parsed and executed, then  their text is thrown away (widely\
 known examples of standard chat commands are: /clear, /nick,\
 /ban, /leave, etc)."
-::msgcat::mcset en "quiz" ""
+::msgcat::mcset en "quiz" "Allows to host a quiz party in a MUC room.\
+ Sample Russian quiz file provided."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "renju" "Renju/Gomoku game."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "reversi" "Reversi game."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "socials" "Socials Tkabber plugin -- add many \"social\"\
@@ -49,4 +51,4 @@
 ::msgcat::mcset en "whiteboard" "Board for group drawing."
 ::msgcat::mcset en "receipts" "This plugin implements XEP-0184 \"Message receipts\":\
  in one-to-one chat sessions it is able to request confirmations of\
-reception of outgoing messages and reply to such requests coming from remote party."
\ No newline at end of file
+reception of outgoing messages and reply to such requests coming from remote party."

Modified: trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs/ru.msg
--- trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs/ru.msg	2008-06-18 17:26:49 UTC (rev 111)
+++ trunk/plugins/pluginmanager/msgs/ru.msg	2008-06-18 17:32:47 UTC (rev 112)
@@ -33,11 +33,14 @@
  установить пакеты latex, dvips, imagemagick."
 ::msgcat::mcset ru "mute" "Экспериментальное расширение для коллективного редактирования текста."
 ::msgcat::mcset ru "openurl" "Позволяет открывать ссылки в интернет-браузере."
-::msgcat::mcset ru "osd" ""
+::msgcat::mcset ru "osd" "Показывает информацию о различных событиях\
+ с помощью сервиса X OSD. Только для систем, использующих X Window."
 ::msgcat::mcset ru "presencecmd" "Это расширение добавляет поддержку команд в стиле IRC\
  -- специально сформированных сообщений, которые воспринимаются как команды.\
  Например: /clear, /nick, /ban, /leave и так далее."
-::msgcat::mcset ru "quiz" ""
+::msgcat::mcset ru "quiz" "Позволяет устраивать многопользовательскую\
+ викторину в групповом чате. Включён пример файла для поддержки викторины\
+ на русском языке."
 ::msgcat::mcset ru "renju" "Игра Гомоку (рендзю)."
 ::msgcat::mcset ru "reversi" "Игра Реверси."
 ::msgcat::mcset ru "socials" "Позволяет вводить команды типа /танцевать (результат\

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