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Author: kostix
Date: 2008-10-11 23:53:24 +0400 (Sat, 11 Oct 2008)
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+"Singularity" -- chat plugin for Tkabber.
+I. The Idea
+When you chat with someone in Tkabber, the corresponding chat
+window is opened for the full JID of that person (it is a JID
+with the resource part: node at server/resource). Since your peers
+can normally log into their XMPP accounts several times at once
+(with a different resource each time) Tkabber maintains clear
+distinction between these full JIDs.
+On the other hand, most people seldom chat from several
+connections to their account at once -- quite more often they
+move between two or more XMPP clients located in places which
+are geographically quite apart, such as their home and office.
+In this case it may be convenient to maintain just one chat
+window open for each person you're chatting with -- for
+instance, you start chatting whith your peer when he/she is at
+home, then your peer moves to their office and sends a message
+from the new location; at this point it might be convenient not
+to have two chat windows -- old and new -- open, but just the
+new one.
+This plugin implements the described functionality: when the new
+window for a one-on-one chat is about to be opened the plugin
+checks whether there are any active chat sessions with the same
+bare JID (that is, without the "/resource" part) as that of the
+new chat. If there are, they are closed with their conversation
+log and input history preserved, the new chat window is opened
+and then the saved data is inserted into the new window. 
+So effectively this plugin makes Tkabber to keep just one chat
+window per bare JID open.
+The plugin does not touch MUC private chats because in them
+resource part of the room JID is used to designate participants'
+II. Usage
+Just install this plugin as usually and restart Tkabber.
+Currently there's no UI to control the plugin's behaviour.
+III. Bugs and limitations
+* Tkabber is currently unable to actually "switch" a chat window
+  from one JID to another, so this plugin works by closing the
+  existing window(s) and opening the new one. While in tabbed
+  mode this looks mostly OK, in windowed mode this may be
+  annoying because the new window will most probably not appear
+  at the same location and layer as the closed window.
+* For some unknown reason the first line of the input history is
+  lost when the chat state is transferred to the newly opened
+  window.
+# vim:tw=64:noet

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