[Tkabber-dev] r323 - trunk/plugins/bldjid

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Wed Mar 24 04:47:47 MSK 2010

Author: bigote
Date: 2010-03-24 04:47:47 +0300 (Wed, 24 Mar 2010)
New Revision: 323

Some goals added so that not to forget about them and to encourage users' input about them (and maybe some other suggestions that aren't here).

Modified: trunk/plugins/bldjid/TODO
--- trunk/plugins/bldjid/TODO	2010-03-24 01:05:27 UTC (rev 322)
+++ trunk/plugins/bldjid/TODO	2010-03-24 01:47:47 UTC (rev 323)
@@ -17,19 +17,20 @@
 	(and smart logging, when only the first entrance of JID/Nick pair is shown).
 ---	It would be nice to be able to show messages about nick changing
 	and also about kicking and banning people.
+---	Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to gather information about
+	leaving rooms by users. This means additional control about their
+	staying in the rooms.
-===	Fix wrong behaviour introduced when implementing Version/OS logging:
----	When options(log_file) is set to empty line (logging to file disabled),
-	the plugin should stop logging Version/OS. However, it still logs it.
-	Maybe it's OK but then documentation should be rewritten to explain
-	plugin's behaviour.
----	Now, if options(log_file) is disabled and options(log_ver_os) is enabled,
-	Ver/OS is being logged to memory and is displayed.
----	If options(log_file) is disabled and options(log_ver_os) is disabled, too,
-	Ver/OS is gathered but neither is saved to file nor stored in memory
-	because it's erased due to the disabled latter option.
----	The rest of variants provoke an expected behaviour.
+===	Implement caps gathering in addition to versions. They say that caps
+	are (almost) unique for each client, so they can improve identifying
+	abilities of the administrator.
+===	Enhance search engine by adding another "ver" search parameter.
+===	Add notifying of a certain jid(s) entrance. Its behaviour should be similar
+	to Spy plugins' but the difference is that we will watch silently here
+	and will only notify about visitors entering rooms, not about roster contacts.
 ===	Fix a bug with broken monitor window if editing window size is changed.
 ===	Add "Antiflood & Autokick" functionality.

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