[Tkabber-dev] [Tkabber] Updated ticket [b171376e88] tclsasl support for tcl8.6

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Sun Dec 20 12:40:06 MSK 2015

Updated ticket [b171376e88] tclsasl support for tcl8.6
  By      sgolovan
  For     Tkabber
  On      2015-12-20T09:38:27.286
  Details https://chiselapp.com/user/sgolovan/repository/tkabber/tktview/b171376e88f5dd456b00e51a03dda38d56fb8954

  As far as I can see, the SASL package from the Tcllib should
  be enough for Tkabber to work. The tclsasl isn't necessary.
  Therefore, I'm closing this bug. If you think otherwise then
  feel free to reopen it with an example where you can connect
  to some XMPP server using tclsasl and can't connect with
  the SASL package.

Changed Fields
  login: sgolovan
  mimetype: text/x-fossil-plain
  resolution: Rejected
  status: Closed
  username: Sergei Golovan

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