[Tkabber-dev] [TclGPG] Commit [0e03edca40] by sgolovan in branch trunk

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Tue Apr 26 14:16:03 MSK 2016

Commit [0e03edca40]
  By      sgolovan
  For     TclGPG (branch: trunk)
  On      2016-04-26T11:16:03.457
  Details https://chiselapp.com/user/sgolovan/repository/tclgpg/info/0e03edca40f0283ba783e54a214238923c3e21bf

  In addition to encoding set translation to binary if the
  message-to-be-encipher encoding is set to binary. This closes ticket
  2016-01-13  Sergei Golovan  <sgolovan at nes.ru>
  	* tclgpg.test: Fixed unsetting GPG_AGENT_INFO.
  	* tclgpg.tcl: Don't treat warnings which gpg sends to the standard
  	  error as errors.
  2016-01-01  Sergei Golovan  <sgolovan at nes.ru>
  	* tclgpg.tcl: Fixed parsing the gpg status output during keys import
  	  if there are expired keys in the keyring. Also, added a few code

Changed Files
  edited: ChangeLog
  edited: tclgpg.tcl

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