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Tue Jan 12 11:00:06 MSK 2016

Commit [8fd4536226]
  By      sgolovan
  For     Tkabber (branch: trunk)
  On      2016-01-12T07:50:38.929
  Details https://chiselapp.com/user/sgolovan/repository/tkabber/info/8fd45362267f2630091b6503d73d21713c36b385

  Read the logged messages not only for the JID which chat window is
  opened, but also for all JIDs in a metacontact it belongs. This
  option is disabled by default. Since the metacontacts info isn't
  cached locally, this feature doesn't work for windows which open
  when saved state is restored on Tkabber start.

Changed Files
  edited: ChangeLog
  edited: plugins/chat/log_on_open.tcl
  edited: plugins/chat/logger.tcl

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