[Tkabber-dev] [Tkabber] Commit [5581a53077] by sgolovan in branch trunk

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Fri Jan 15 13:40:07 MSK 2016

Commit [5581a53077]
  By      sgolovan
  For     Tkabber (branch: trunk)
  On      2016-01-15T10:30:17.928
  Details https://chiselapp.com/user/sgolovan/repository/tkabber/info/5581a530776a2588d4937cbf4c6a139903b9821d

  Fixed finding the conference roster item in the user's roster, made
  sure the bare conference JID goes first when rendering the roster
  Don't add roster item notes to the conference occupants.

Changed Files
  edited: ChangeLog
  edited: ifacetk/roster.tcl
  edited: plugins/roster/annotations.tcl
  edited: roster.tcl

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