[Tkabber-dev] [Tkabber] Commit [0b5ca21001] by sgolovan in branch trunk

tkabber-fossil at jabber.ru tkabber-fossil at jabber.ru
Thu Mar 17 14:30:44 MSK 2016

Commit [0b5ca21001]
  By      sgolovan
  For     Tkabber (branch: trunk)
  On      2016-03-17T11:30:44.419
  Details https://chiselapp.com/user/sgolovan/repository/tkabber/info/0b5ca210019287770fe5fe39d7714bc2ddd61052

  Loosened the condition for forbidden characters in URLs.

Changed Files
  edited: ChangeLog
  edited: plugins/richtext/urls.tcl

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