[Tkabber] GPG and KDE Dock Problems

Marshall Rose mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 21:13:14 -0800

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> First, I'd like to say that I've come to love tkabber and the flexibility it 
> gives me.  I currently have two issues I'd appreciate some help with.
> One, I can't tell if GPG support is setup correctly or not.  Tkabber never 
> asks me for my passphrase when it starts, so I seem to think its not 
> configured correctly.

if it's working, then right after you successfully login, you'll be
asked for a passphrase.
first, in your ~/.tkabber/config.tcl file you need this line at the
beginning of the file:
    set ssj::options(sign-traffic)    1
if you have this line already and you're not getting the prompt, then
one of two things is happening:
1. you have $GPG_AGENT_INFO set and whatever that program is doing, it's
not prompting you for a passphrase. (or maybe it is and everything is
working fine.)
2. tcl can't find the gpgme package. try this:
    % tclsh
    tclsh> package require gpgme
you should see
if you see something else, then gpgme isn't installed correctly. if this
is the case, then tkabber will output a debugging message telling you that.

> Next, I can't get the KDE dock applet to work.  I'm not sure what I'm doing 
> wrong here either.

first, make sure that tcl can find Tk_Theme
    % tclsh
    tclsh> package require Tk_Theme
second, make sure you are using a "current" version of
plugins/unix/dockingtray.tcl. on my version, it says
    # $Id: dockingtray.tcl,v 1.3 2002/12/14 20:05:40 alexey Exp $