[Tkabber] Feature Requests and Questions

Jamin W. Collins jcollins@asgardsrealm.net
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 11:45:52 -0600

I've just started using Tkabber.  Previously used Psi, but found that it
used too much memory for simple IM'ing.  So far, Tkabber looks great.
On my systems it uses about 1/2 the memory that Psi routinely used, and
has a nice clean interface.  

However, there are a few things I'd like to see added and one problem
I'm having difficulty correcting.

- Ability to log into multiple servers
- Ability to stop message auto-pop
- Ability to remove the four button bar at the top of the roster

- Interface font is more or less unreadable (see attached image)

Looks like everything else I'm after can be done via one of the many
plug-ins (GPG, Dock icon, SSL).

Some may wonder what benefit there is in being able to log into multiple
servers.  At work, we have an internal-only Jabber server for
company-wide communication.  With Psi I'm able to connect to it and my
normal Internet connected Jabber server.

Jamin W. Collins