[Tkabber] GPG encryption - Psi <-> tkabber

Jamin W. Collins jcollins at asgardsrealm.net
Mon Apr 21 14:08:04 MSD 2003

The latest CVS version of Psi has added support for GPG encryption (both
new and old methods).  This allows for limited interoperability between
tkabber and Psi.  I say limited because there appear to be a bug or two
on both sides.

Psi appears to only be looking at the presence messages to retrieve the
GPG signature, while tkabber looks both the presence and the incoming
messages and accepts either.

Upon receipt of the first encrypted message, tkabber prompts for the
user's GPG passphrase.  If another encrypted message comes in before the
passphrase is entered, tkabber will segfault.

If tkabber could be altered to resend the presence notification when
signing is selected on the roster, this would allow Psi (and possibly
other clients that look only at the presence notification) to detect the
user's use of a GPG key.  Additionally, the segfault due to multiple
encrypted messages during passphrase entry should be addressed.

If Psi were updated to notice signed messages (other than the presence
notification) this would also help ensure the detection of GPG key use.

The above information was also posted to the Psi discussion forums.

Jamin W. Collins
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