[Tkabber] BUG: Tkabber windows stealing focus from one another

Andrew Sayers andrew-list-tkabber at ccl.bham.ac.uk
Sun Aug 17 20:20:17 MSD 2003

Recently, I've started to find that when the main tkabber window is
focused, then another tkabber window opens - for example, when adding a
new user - the two windows continually try to steal the focus
from one another, causing Tkabber to lock up.  For some reason, this
doesn't happen if I open a window by tearing off a menu.  It also
doesn't happen between tkabber windows other than the main one.

I use a personalised system for window shading whereby windows are
shaded as they lose focus (and I use focus-follows-pointer-sloppily).
When tkabber is forced to remain unshaded, the problem goes away.

I'm using the Debian Unstable version of most of my software, including
Tkabber 0.9.5beta.  I don't remember upgrading tkabber lately, but I do
remember upgrading tcl/tk, so it might be related to different versions
of that.

	- Andrew
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