[Tkabber] launching probleme

sigmounte tkabber at sighq.net
Wed Aug 20 14:35:16 MSD 2003

Hi !

I got this when to try to lunch tkabber :

(see attachement)
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beringer:/mnt/stockage/wireless# cd /opt/tkabber-0.9.5beta
beringer:/opt/tkabber-0.9.5beta# ./tkabber.tcl >log.txt
Error in startup script: bad option "-unique": must be -ascii, -command, -decrea                                                                             sing, -dictionary, -increasing, -index, -integer, or -real
    while executing
"lsort -unique [set $hook"
    (procedure "hook::add" line 5)
    invoked from within
"hook::add postload_hook postload"
    (file "./tkabber.tcl" line 80)

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