[Tkabber] avatar and other functionality

Frank Bauer frank_c_bauer at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 05:33:00 MSK 2003

--- lilliput at free.fr wrote:
> just want to know if there is any way to show the avatar from other
> jabber 
> user somewhere in the main window... 

Well, I'd like to know this too...

> I haven't yet hack into the code but there is another
> functionnality that 
> could be interesting; make different set of user contact picture
> (online, 
> free to chat, DND...) depending on the server that they are hosting
> (in this 
> way we can define if the contact is an icq msn or other protocol.

Well, If you select menu Tkabber->Customize->Roster and check
show_transport_user_icons, you can see e.g. ICQ users with the
typical "flower" icons, RSS entries with "bill" icon...


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