[Tkabber] msn emoticons & standards

Atte André Jensen tkabber@jabber.ru
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 14:02:16 +0100


New to jabber and tkabber here, but things are looking fine! Looked
around for some emoticons on the net, but since I didn't find any, I
cloned all the MSN defs and icons (http://home.wanadoo.nl/atte/msn.tgz).
So far so good (many others have done this before me, I guess...). Now
to my questions:

1) Am I right in assuming that emoticons are generated by tkabber by
typing the ascii? In that case what's the difference between <text
default="true">def</text> and <text>def</text>?

2) I basically hate MS, but I have to catch the strings send by my MSN
friends. But still I'd like to be as standard as possible. Is such a
standard (formal or informal) present, and if so where? What is, for
instance, the most standard way to generate a beer (in IM...), and what
is the most standard meaning of :-[?

3) I'd appreciate any feedback on my definitions, or links to other
peoples work to finish this off.

Thanks in advance...

peace, love & harmony