[Tkabber] Tcl/Tk problem on Windows

tkabber@jabber.ru tkabber@jabber.ru
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 20:30:23 +0100

	1. Indroduction

I've used Tkabber on Windows (xp and 98SE) for a while,	and have experience=
d a really annoying problem. Every single version of ActiveStateTCL i've te=
sted has the problem. I've found a solution, but it involves modifying Tk s=
ource code and	recompiling.

NOTE: it's not Tkabber fault, it's TK and Windows problem, afaik.

So, I'd like to know other Windows Tkabber users experiences, if they have =
found such a problem and want a solution, or found another solution. Or if =
they have never found such a problem, how can it be, as I can't evade it wi=
thout the source code modification.

	2. The problem itself

'Wish' sometimes gives a panic error:
	'Tried to free a color that isn=B4t allocated'
while Tkabber is running. Of course, Tkabber gets closed.

	3. What happens

Tk allocates its colors in a colormap, and when a contact changes its state=
, the color his JID is displayed must change.
If Windows has made a colormap switch during this state-change,
Tk can=B4t find the correct colors and crashes (or something like	this).

	4. How to crash Tk using Tkabber on Windows

A. Start Tkabber, login into your account. There is a contact 'away', for e=

B. Start and old Ms-Dos program, and make it fullscreen. I've used Zdaemon =
(a Doom video game modification :) ), as we have to use a program that chan=
ges colormap: a game.

C. While you are on this Ms-Dos fullscreen screen, the contact that was 'aw=
ay' becomes 'available', 'xaway' or 'busy'.

D. You exit the Ms-Dos app, and return to the desktop. 'Wish' should show t=
he error message, and close Tkabber.

	5. A Solution
Edit 'tk8.4.1/win/tkWinColor.c' and comment lines #465 and #466:
	panic("Tried to free a color that isn't allocated.");
Now compile, and use the wish84.exe and tk84.dll generated.

	6. For future

It seems this problem is known since at least 1997, so no official solution=
 seems to be in the works :(

JID: badlopATnjs.netlab.cz