[Tkabber] Feature Requests and Questions

Jamin W. Collins jcollins@asgardsrealm.net
Wed, 1 Jan 2003 21:08:37 -0600

On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 03:44:15PM +0200, Alexey Shchepin wrote:

>  JWC> - Ability to log into multiple servers
> Not very soon, sorry.

If patch(es) were provided to add this feature, is it likely they would
be embraced and included in the official release?

> If you use tabbed interface, then try to add "set raise_new_tab 0" in
> postload procedure (see section "2.2.1 Look-and-Feel" of
> doc/tkabber.html).

I don't.  Never cared for the "all in one" look.  The above option
doesn't appear to have an effect when "usetabbar" is set to 0.  In
looking through iface.tcl, it appears there is currently no way to stop
the auto-pop of messages in this case.

Once received by the client, messages aren't stored anywhere (except in
the history file) for display are they?  Has any consideration been
given to storing them and perhaps doing a flashing icon in the roster?

>  JWC> - Ability to remove the four button bar at the top of the roster
> Add this line in ~/.tkabber/config.tcl:
> hook::add finload_hook {.mainframe showtoolbar 0 0}

Almost perfect.  It appears that not all of the functions provided by
the toolbar are not available via the normal menus.  For instance, the
show online/offline toggle.  I've scanned the source and documentation
and found the necessary variable to set in my configuration file, but it
would probably be a good idea to include them in the menu too.

> Add this line in ~/.tkabber/config.tcl:
> option add *font <insert here X11 font name that looks good>
> userDefault

Ahh, that would have been nicer.  I ended up defining a similar line in
a custom xrdb that I referenced from the config.tcl.  

Jamin W. Collins