[Tkabber] button philosophy, bad chars, grpup menu

mykhal@centrum.cz mykhal@centrum.cz
Sun, 05 Jan 2003 19:46:35 +0100


* I think that "Show online and offline users / Show online users
only" button should have swapped pixmaps, because it is two-state
button (like sign and encrypt buttons), not action button (like e.g.
add user button) - so button name/pixmap should not represent action,
but current state.

* When I write message in Czech language (iso8859-2), the chars with
accents are wrong. It is not font problem, it seems it is text input -
bad charset problem. I tested both iso8859-2 and iso10646-1 fonts and
the problem is still the same. But when I send myself message in czech
from PSI or Gabber, it is displayed correctly.

* What does "New popup menu for roster groups" in Changelog mean? I do
not have any popup menu for groups.


Michal Bozon

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