[Tkabber] Just another feature request

Mykhal tkabber@jabber.ru
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 21:07:33 +0100

I think the tabbed interface would be more acceptable if it had
auto-shrink feature. The roster would seem like without tabbing
interface and after new message arrived, the tab appears. After
it would optionally disappear and window would shrink back.

Without using tabs, there is problem with automatic switching focus
new window, so user often types few chars where he does not want to.
And also missing support of not popuping, but indicating of incoming
message in roster, like in Psi.

Features I'd like to see:

 - optional auto-shrink option for tabbed iface (see above)
 - ability to disable auto popup new messages, roster indocator (see
 - extended drag-drop support (e.g. for filter editor)
XML window:
 - string search
 - clear window
 - enable/disable logging the traffic witout closing the window
chat window:
 - resizable input window
 - indicator for the user that the custom presence was sent to him
 - ability to hide group items at all
ispell plugin:
 - ability to set for each user which ispell dictionary to use
 - ability to easily switch on/off spell checking


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