[Tkabber] BUG: weird multilogin in 0.96-alpha

Frank Bauer frank_c_bauer at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 01:43:40 MSD 2003


I know by bug relates to 'unstable/development'
version, but it bites me from begining of multilogin

My problem appears when I connect to several (two to
be more precise) accounts.

I connect to the first one without any problems as
usually. Then from menu I choose Tkabber->Login,
select the other profile, uncheck 'Replace opened
connections' click 'Log in' and error message
pops out:

Error: can't read
"roster(isuser,2,161938654 at icq.netlab.cz)":no
such variable

But ok, it seems I'm connected to the both accounts.
Problem is I can't see any contacts or groups in the
roster in the second account.

When I hide (roll up) the first account, contacts (and
groups) from the second one became visible.
When I unhide the first account (roll down), I get the
above error message and again I can't see any contacts
from the second connection.

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