[Tkabber] BUG: weird multilogin in 0.96-alpha

Frank Bauer frank_c_bauer at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 10:14:40 MSD 2003

> Do you have user 161938654 at icq.netlab.cz in second
> profile roster?

Well, same number, another server
161938654 at icq.jabber.org, but always take care I'm not
connected to the other icq transport (they don't let
you login to icq multiple times).

All my (~30) icq contacts are same in both accounts
differing only  with @server.name, but error message
pops once or twice...

> Please, show full backtrace of error, it may help. 

Will send tomorrow as I get to that testing machine.
(using stable 0.95.beta at home).

> And is this is
> latest cvs version?

Yep, I checkout every morning :-)


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