[Tkabber] PGP plugin asks for passphrase twic

Stephan Dietl lotussteve at cargal.org
Wed Jun 11 23:16:37 MSD 2003

Andrew Sayers <andrew-list-tkabber at ccl.bham.ac.uk> schrieb:
> When using the PGP plugin, you are asked to give your PGP passphrase
> once when you log in, then again when you receive your first
> PGP-encrypted message.  If you receive a second encrypted message before
> you finish typing in your passphrase, tkabber complains that the plugin
> is busy, waits for you to finish typing in the passphrase, then crashes.
> Is it possible to skip the second passphrase request?

I asked the developers and got this answer:

Put in your ~/.tkabber/config.tcl the line

set ssj::options(one-passphrase) 1

then it only asks at login and works fine with GnuPG (I use tkabber



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