[Tkabber] wish problem under freebsd 5.1

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Mon Jun 23 20:02:31 MSD 2003

Hello, Martin!

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 17:33:01 +0200, you said:

 MV> hi, I've recently downloaded tkabber, all libraries needed and try to run
 MV> it.  But it is bugging me with 'wish' error: output goes like this: "In
 MV> FreeBSD, wish is named with a version number. This is because different
 MV> versionos of wish are not compatible with each otehr and they can not all
 MV> be called "wish"! You may need multiple versions installed because a given
 MV> port may depend on a specific version.

 MV> On your system, wish is installed under at least the following names:

 MV> wish8.3"

 MV> any suggestions how to solve this?  thank you

Run tkabber as 'wish8.3 tkabber.tcl' or replace "wish" with "wish8.3" in third
line in tkabber.tcl.

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