[Tkabber] Tkabber with Ispell on Windows

Roger Sondermann rso at mail.isis.de
Wed May 7 22:31:18 MSD 2003

Hello Sergei,

On 7 May 2003 22:50, Sergei Golovan wrote:

> ...
> Ispell plugin is used in *NIX only by default (it is located at 
> <tkabber root>/plugins/unix/), so you have to copy it either to
> <tkabber root>/plugins/windows/ directory, or (IMHO better choice) to
> $HOME/plugins/ispell/ directory.

Thanks a lot, I did it like this and Tkabber loaded. :-)

It also seems that Ispell tried to check my input, but the chat 
window became nearly unusable slow and nothing was marked as wrong. 
Maybe that TCL has problems with the hidden running shell on Windows.

check_every_symbol is already set to 0

 -=Roger Sondermann=-

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